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Special Podcast/Internet Rates

Scott Fletcher supports the Podcasting movement and Internet Radio, both for hobby and for profit.  He understands that most podcasters and Internet Radio folks want to get started for little-to-no money, and that most podcasts will be non-commercial forever.  Scott wants everyone to have a chance at "the big time," and to have the resources to make it happen.

Here is just a sample of Scott's podcast imaging and internet audio imaging projects:

bulletPodcast Promo - Hall Of Fame 2005 (mp3 - 990 KB mp3)
bulletPK and J Show Mother's Day Promo (1:33 - 1.5 MB mp3)
bulletPodcast/Internet Demo_(1:45 - 1.2 MB mp3) 
bulletPodcast Sweeper (mp3 - 195 KB)
bulletCommercial - (mp3 - 570 KB)

We offer special low rates for non-commercial podcasters and other Internet-only non-commercial content producers. 

bulletNon-Commercial Podcast Voiceover Rates
bulletPodcast Advance Commercial Script Program

Note: If you would like to request Scott Fletcher to record your voiceovers for your commercial podcast or internet show, please visit our Commercial Rates page and request a quote.  Internet-only voiceovers for commercial shows cost between $60-$100 depending upon length.

Non-Commercial Podcast Voiceover Rates

Non-Commercial podcasts are shows that contain no paid sponsorship or advertising, and are not themselves vehicles for promoting commercial products or services.  Scott provides short sentences and phrases (called "liners") for non-commercial podcasts at a deeply-discounted rate. 

These liners have no music of sound effects.  You can use these liners to create your own produced show opener, or use them for closing tags for repetitive contact information, etc. 

Dry Liners:
1 liner:  $20
2 liners: $28
3 liners: $35
4 liners: $40

*Liners may be up to 10 seconds each.
*Music, sound effects are NOT included in these prices.
*For non-commercial Internet use only.

Non-Commercial Podcast Liner Order Form

E-mail Address:
Podcast URL:
Liner 1:
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Liner 3:
Liner 4:
Instructions/ comments:
 I have read and agree to abide by the terms of the
 Non-Commercial Podcast Voiceover Usage Policy

After you submit your request, we'll e-mail you with any questions that we might have about your request, and we will also send you payment instructions.  We proudly accept credit card payment via PayPal.