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bullet2-minute Demo Reel (mp3 - 3.1 MB)
bulletPodcast Promo - Hall Of Fame 2005 (mp3 - 990 KB mp3)
bullet Commercial - (mp3 - 570 KB)
bulletMovie Trailer Radio Promo (mp3 - 354 KB)
bulletMedium Sell Concert promo (mp3 - 1.5 MB)
bulletKid Dynamite Jazz Festival (partial Dutch) (mp3 -395KB)
bullet Ode To Bacon via Schnauzer Studios


Podcast Production Spotlight!

The Podcast Pickle Hall of Fame Show is a special production that Scott produced for, a popular podcast directory.  Scott produced this promo, as well as the actual awards show.

bulletHall Of Fame 2005_Promo (1:23 - 990 KB mp3)

The PK and J Show
is a popular weekly podcast that requested some sweepers.  Scott also put together a promo for them. 

bulletPK and J Show Mother's Day Promo (1:33 - 1.5 MB mp3)

Dagnabbit is a clever husband-and-wife podcast that asked for some voiceovers for sweepers and liners.  Jason Ouellette did a remarkable job with the audio production and also put together a montage of the produced audio tracks. As a bonus, Scott does a bit of acting in the last cut.  

bulletDagnabbit Sweeper Montage (mp3 - 1.3 MB)